Agricultural Fencing in The Auburn, AL, LaGrange & Newnan, GA Areas

Protect Your Animals With Proper Fence Installation

Pioneer Fence LLC knows how important it is to keep your animals contained and safe from harm. Improper fencing installations or materials can cause gaps in the fence. Your animals can get caught in these gaps and harm themselves.

To avoid such problems, reach out to Pioneer Fence. We have years of experience building fences for all kinds of animals, including:

  • Horses
  • Cattle
  • Sheep
  • Goats
To keep your animals safe and secured, call Pioneer Fence now at 706-594-5338.

Get the right agricultural fence for your animals

Get the right agricultural fence for your animals

Animals, especially farm animals, come with different needs and curiosities-something an exceptional fencing contractor understands. A horse fence will not work for a herd of goats, and a goat fence will not work for horses. Pioneer Fence has installed a variety of agricultural fences, including:

  • Horse fencing with extra wiring so their legs can't go through
  • Tall goat and sheep fences to keep their heads from getting stuck
  • Field fences built to work for many kinds of livestock
  • Electrical and barbwire fences customized to your needs
Call Pioneer Fence today at 706-594-5338, and we'll install your new horse fencing immediately. We serve the Auburn, AL, LaGrange & Newnan, GA areas and offer free estimates.